News 02 2021


We are proud to announce publicly one of our investors, CapitalRisque Fribourg.


They have decided to subscribe to  a part of the recently issued shares. This means we are quickly approaching our goal of the authorised capital increase.

We have even more good news :

We welcome Prof. Olaf Holstein (PHW Bern) and Daniel Otti (Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH & EMBA HSG, Zurich) as constitut members of our advisory board.






Prof. Olaf Holstein                                     Daniel Otti

Both are experts in their fields, Prof. Olaf Holstein in Eco Economics and Daniel Otti in Environmental, Electrical and Energy Engineering.

With their support, we continue to work towards our goal of sustainable and recyclable products and services.

We hope you will join us and look forward to hearing from you.



Ralf Stucki

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