Swiss Precision Lighting solutions are different from others. We have fundamentally reviewed what is necessary to precisely illuminate surfaces. Our optical approach is unique and proprietary. It inhibits light to go into undesired directions. The result is astonishing: the brightly lit sports field surrounded by the dark night, and no light points visible even from nearby the sports field.
Comparison between a twin conventional, asymmetric floodlight, oriented with no inclination (left), and our proprietary solution (right). The power consumption of the conventional system is more than 4x as compared to our novel solution. © Swiss Precision Lighting AG


Our vision is to create next generation sports lighting. Light strictly only where it is needed, with the least use of materials and the best support. Our solution solves the problems of many sports field operators, communities and companies and features many additional advantages:
Environmentally friendly
  • The light points are only visible from within the target surface to be illuminated, no visible light points from elsewhere
  • Minimum possible light pollution, no irradiation of residential areas or surrounding wildlife.
  • Minimum use of material by re-using existing installations
  • Complete re-usability of luminaires due to easy disassembly.
Modular, versatile, future-proof
  • Our modular approach enables individualized solutions for every situation
  • Lighting mode can be adapted for different purposes (training, matches)
  • Future-proof: Upgrades and modifications of light distribution possible at any time
Cost efficient
  • Up to 75% reduction in energy use as compared to conventional systems due to minimized stray light not hitting the target area
  • Simple maintenance: defective parts can be changed individually
  • Low maintenance
  • Development and production in Switzerland – both light sources and projectors
  • Very robust and durable
Financing options
  • Leasing / Pay per use at fair conditions possible.